I will not shut down churches because Jesus Christ is bigger than Coronavirus – Tanzania President

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It is interesting how Africans and their leaders are dealing with the coronavirus outbreaks in their countries. </h3

In Ghana and some parts of Nigeria, the President has put a ban on all social gatherings including churches and mosques but the President of Tanzania is doing otherwise.

Due to his stern believe in God, Tanzania president, John Magufuli has stated that he's not heeding to the advice of stakeholders that all churches and mosques should be closed.

According to him, the church is the body of Christ, thus Coronavirus can never overpower it…he is indeed resolute and adamant to the severity of the virus.

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On Sunday, he announced that true healing can only be found in churches and mosques thus he will never close down these religious institutions.

“These Holy places are where God is. My fellow Tanzanians, let us not be afraid of going to praise Him,” he said

He went on to state that the Coronavirus is demonic and cannot stand the power in the body of Jesus Christ.

“Corona cannot survive in the body of Christ, it will burn. That is exactly why I did not panic while taking the Holy communion,” he added while the congregation cheered.

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