I Will Show You That Money Stops Nonsense–Fella Makafui FIRES Producer Who Called Her ‘Ungrateful’

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Fella Makafui has lost her cool and has threatened the producer who called her ‘ungrateful’ that, she will sue his ass in court to prove to him that, money stops nonsense.

Yes, you read right! The new AMG baby and the most beautiful girl in Medikal’s world has vowed to teach the producer for a new movie in which she’s featured in a lesson.

Earlier on, we reported that a producer who is known as Samuel Degraft Yeboah called Makafui ungrateful after she called him and his company a fraud and a scam on Social media.

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Makafui’s argument has been that the producer has tarnished her ‘hard-earned’ reputation after he changed the title of a movie she’s featured in to ‘Kakalika Love’ without her consent. Makafui says, she never signed a contract for the movie to be titled as such, which is same title of the diss song Sister Derby released for her and Medikal when they broke up.

It’s however shocking that Fella Makafui is pissed off that the producer decided to use that song title as that of the movie when she was seen recently dancing to the song with Medikal in his car.

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In the Instagram story Fella Makafui made, she claims the producer is acting tough on Social media but begging her behind the scene and she will make sure she drags him to court and by the time she’s done with, he will know that money stops nonsense.—Eeei girls kasa ooo.

See the post below:

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