I will transform Ghana’s economic fortunes in 2yrs – Kennedy Agyapong

‘Ghanaians should pray for me to have long life and good health’ – Ken Agyapong hints 2028 comeback
‘Ghanaians should pray for me to have long life and good health’ – Ken Agyapong hints 2028 comeback

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, MP for Assin Central, promises to improve Ghana’s economy if elected president in 2024.

The seasoned politician is crisscrossing the nation to collect grassroots support ahead of the NPP flagbearer competition. He said he would use his business mogul expertise to position the country as a business hotspot.

After bringing his mobilization effort to various areas, the lawmaker met with delegates in Ashanti Region last Friday.

He invaded Kumasi’s Kejetia market to solicit merchants’ and Asantemans’ support for the NPP’s presidential ticket.

The audience welcomed Mr. Agyapong and his entourage with NPP slogans and singing.


Mr. Agyapong visited the market queens at the Kumasi Cultural Centre and proceeded along the race route to Kejetia to examine their worries.

Market queens noted that there was only one meter for the whole Kejetia market and no racing course lights.

Speaking to the gathering, the Assin Central MP said he went there to understand firsthand the issues facing the people for redress.

The member pledged 200 bulbs to restore broken street lights and work on the metering system so individuals may do business.

Mr Agyapong thanked market ladies for their warm welcome and vowed to help them. According to him, women are crucial to the country’s socioeconomic prosperity.

“The activities of market women, who most of the time are the breadwinners, cannot be underestimated. My focus will be on these individuals whose collective contributions make the local hubs and trade centres the culture powerhouse they have become famous for,” he said.

Business Security

Mr. Agyapong also promised to help market women develop sustainable pension programs with proper authorities.

He said that if given the chance to run the nation, his administration will solve the issue of foreigners doing retail business outside the law.

He said this was unacceptable since it threatened local businesses and market women.

Informal sector

More attention will be paid to the informal segment of the economy, where most economic activity takes place, said the MP.

He added the informal sector, where women work primarily, anchors agriculture, manufacturing, and services.

“Women farm owners, farm partners, and farm laborers provide 70 to 80% of the country’s food,” he said.

Mr. Agyapong said women play a key role in the education sector because they are increasingly responsible for their children’ education and material requirements, particularly in female-headed families.

Business development

The Assin Central MP also told the traders that under his leadership, Ghana would be a business destination.

He stressed that industrialization would be prioritized as it held the key to economic transformation, adding that “his job creation agenda would be focused on massive industrial drive and tourism”.

“I have plans to create globally competitive industries, make commercial farming attractive like what pertains in Cote D’Ivoire, Tanzania and other industrial countries. Ghana is well endowed with minerals, and would be used to turn the economic fortunes of the country around,” he added.

Mr Agyapong observed that as a mogul business and employer of over 7000 workers across the globe, he would capitalise on his business prowess to help achieve the development targets of the country.

“I will focus on business development. I have the experience to create jobs for the youth with my record of business life. My steel company when completed will employ over 1,000 workers. It is named after Ashanti – ‘ASHANTI STEEL’. I will run Ghana like a business, and unprecedented transformation will take place,” he stressed.

The MP indicated that he had plans to promote large scale mechanised agriculture, starting with Afram plains, when given the nod.


Touting himself as a disciplined leader, he gave the assurance that he would instill discipline, integrity, hard work and accountability in Ghanaians, especially the youth to contribute effectively to national development.

“The menace of corruption, greed, and nepotism in Ghana was due to lack of discipline. The absence of discipline in the national life of Ghanaians was why corruption, nepotism and greed have developed deep roots in public life. Indiscipline is the reason for bribery, corruption, nepotism, greed, laziness and mediocrity. This must stop,” he stressed.


On his educational prospects, he said he would use his salary to establish a scholarship scheme in every constituency.

“I will not take and enjoy my salary. It will be channeled as a scholarship to pay the fees of the poor, and I believe it will promote Ghana’s development in more ways than one,” he stated.

Touching on chieftaincy, Mr Agyapong pledged to promote the participation of chiefs in national governance, adding “I will rely on the wise counsel and wisdom of the traditional rulers in my administration”.


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