“I wish I can bring you back to life” – Musician Captain Planet pays tribute to Rawlings

Ghanaian musician Captain Planet has paid his respect to the late former President Jerry John Rawlings as today marks his final funeral rite, burial and interment.

Just like many Ghanaians mourning the passing of the courageous enigmatic political leader, Captain Planet says he wishes he has what it takes to bring Rawlings back to life.

This is the way Captain Planet chose to express his profound respect and love for Rawlings whose death did not only bring tears to the eyes of Ghanaians but shook the political foundation of Africa.

In a tweet, Captain Planet said he really loved Rawlings and his death continues to be of immense pain to him.

E dey pain me say this man die. He loved his country & he loved his people. Shaking hands with this man was something I will never forget. I wish I could bring him back to life. REST WELL PAPA J 


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