“I Won’t Marry Again If My Husband Doesn’t Cry Upon Seeing Me On Our Wedding Day “-Lady Serves Notice

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My name is David, and i write with you in mind.

A young lady has served notice that she will simply just go home when her husband doesn’t cry upon seeing her walk in on their wedding day.

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For her, the husband has to cry immediately she walks in else she won’t marry him again.

People do shed some tears on their big days because they are often moved by what they are witnessing and what is happening to them, it, therefore, shouldn’t be something that one has to be compelled to do.

But for this lady, the husband has to put it in his head that he has to make time to cry on their wedding day for the marriage to come off.

Failure to do that means that there will be no marriage and everyone guest goes back home.

According to the lady by name Miracle Shadrack, she will go home because it will be a show of ungratefulness for her husband not to cry on their wedding day, because he would have to show gratitude to her for agreeing to marry him and that gratitude has to come in the form of him shedding tears for her and nothing else.

“On my wedding day, if my husband isn’t crying

as soon as he sees me walking in

I’m going home

can’t Marry an ungrateful person,” the lady wrote on Twitter.


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