I worked as a security man to fund my career – MOG

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Gospel musician MOG has disclosed that he once came close to quitting music while sharing his grass-to-grace story On EVibes with Becky.

The famed gospel star admitted that he had to drain his bank accounts in order to support his career, but that the amount was insufficient.

In order to make his dream come true and pay back a debt he received from his father, he had to leave Ghana and spend months working as a security guard in another country.

See below for all that he said;

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“It got to a time, I was worn out and felt that this was not the right thing for me to do. After recording my first album which worked or didn’t really work, the second album totally didn’t work.  I spent money and everything went down the drain. I decided to do a third album, that’s ‘Better me’.

“During the project, I literally gave everything that I had, emptied my savings account, my investments accounts, my accounts were nil. It couldn’t finish the project. I was there thinking about how to raise money for the mixing and mastering because I was not getting any freebies again, everything had to be paid for.

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“I realized I had 3 months visa to one of the European countries in my passport. So I called my dad and I took a loan from him and went to that country and went to work for two months as a security officer,” he told Becky.

He claimed that at the time, his personal assistant encouraged him to pursue the business because of how widely his music was heard.

“And around this time, I was not getting invitations, nobody was calling me for programs here and there. I was just sitting at home. I just called my PA and told her to go to my office, pick up my laptop and delete every song on my laptop.

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I didn’t want to hear any music. She asked me what was wrong and I told her I don’t want to do music again and that I think I am going to look for a job and then settle quietly somewhere. She was like you have no idea the inspiration your music gives us and that was the ice breaker for me,” he added.

He said the turnaround in his life “was just God’s mercy. For God proved that when you are about to give up, that’s where he comes in.”

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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