I Would Have Married KKD If I Had Not Met My Husband – Stephanie Benson Fantasize About Her And KKD

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Media personality and relationship coach Stephanie Benson has come out with her fantasies about Ghanaian fashionista and MC, KKD.

She made this revelation on her Instagram page, stating how she would have had 9 children with the fashionista and MC, and also added the names she had planned for all 9 and their careers.

The ever beautiful media personality had really planned for her and KKD if they should have been together judging from the systematic and proper arrangements of their kids and their careers.

Her post read, “This is the exact Ghanaian specimen of a man I would have married if I had never met my Jon, who loves KKD too. @hisroyalblacknesskkd We would have 9 children, 3 dogs, A parrot, A Pet Panther, a herd of horses and buffaloes. We would own Aburi Mountains and everyone would need a special pass to ascend.

Our 1st Child K.A.D would be the youngest Female President,
2nd, KED The leading Female Pathologist in the world ,
3rd KTD He would be A Wildlife Biologist with the biggest Safari Park in Australia,
4th, KMD A Geologist for NASA,
5th, MISSY A Social Activist, (We were stoned when we had her)
6th, KCD He is An Animal Psychologist ,
7th KVD A Sex Therapist Specially for Ghanaian Ministers,
No 8 KFD A Stunt Man and a Body Part Model . Oprah Winfrey s ToyBoy.
No 9 KKD an Armpit Sniffer, CEO AND Co Owner of Sure Deodorant.
Just Perfect.🥰
Can you see it?

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