I Would Rather Be Poor And Sexually Active Than Be Rich And Impotent – James Gardiner

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Ghanaian actor James Gardiner has revealed that rather than being rich and Impotent, he would rather be poor and sexually active. 

Speaking to Abeiku Santana on UTV’s Atuu’s show, James Gardiner reiterated that he wants to have children and grandchildren in the future and he will prefer to he poor and have his potency intact.

James who got the nickname “Mr Amazing” after he used the word for over twenty times at the just ended VGMA Awards explained that the reason for using that word.

” I think I naturally love using the word and that’s why I used it. Despite what social media is making me look like, I think I actually did well as the host of the red carpet. I did amazingly well and that is an undisputable fact.”

Speaking on the growth and progress of the Entertainment industry, James disclosed that the entertainment industry is not flourishing because there is not enough support from the government and various stakeholders.

James Gardiner called on all industry players to learn to support each other especially those doing individual productions.


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