Identity of Ini Edo’s baby daddy and ex-boyfriend unveiled as they’re trying to get back but hell is breaking loose

Conversation Instagram blogger, Cutie Juls has taken to the visual platform to drop the identity of actress, Ini Edo’s ex-boyfriend.

The private life of the actress is like hell as she’s having issues with the men in her life despite wanting to have fun.

Ini Edo had a child not long ago through surrogacy but the baby daddy of the actress is trying to fight other men who are coming into her life despite being a married man.

Cutie Juls has indicated that the ex-boyfriend of Ini Edo identified as Ifeanyi is being threatened by the baby daddy as the actress wants to make up with the ex.

According to the report, the baby daddy is married with kids and has been funding the luxury lifestyle of the actress but now he doesn’t want her to be shared as it was being done initially.

As Ini Edo is trying to get back with her ex-boyfriend who’s a manager to artiste, Rufftown, the baby daddy is rather threatening him to stay back.

Cutie Juls wrote, “Online in-laws, please this is Ifeanyi. Singer Runtown’s manager in the states. Oga Kome who is Ini Edo’s baby daddy has been threatening him.

Lol so Kome doesn’t want marriage but he still doesn’t want Ini to have fun with especially younger boys cuz he knows she is likely to want them for keeps.

Ifeanyi is Ini’s ex whom she’s been trying to get back together with. Yh you know sugar daddies will pay the bill but at the end of the day, a lady needs her own man.

Ini has been messaging and planning holiday trips with Brother Ify here but Oga Kome doesn’t want to allow it. Hmmm, how do we solve this one?”


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