“If he’s just cheating but not abυsing you, don’t leave the marriage” – Akuapem Poloo offers marital advice to Xandy Kamel

Akuapem Poloo believes a cheating spouse should not be the reason for actress Xandy Kamel to think of packing out of her marriage.

According to her, so long as her husband does not emotionally or physically abuse her, she must stay and not think of moving out in search of a better option.

These words were contained in an Instagram post, Akuapem Poloo shared a few minutes ago advising Xandy Kamel to fix her marital cracks, love her man and never leave her home for another woman to take over.

Xandy Kamel had spoken at length in a video about her husband Kaninja where she raised concerns about how his infidelity was plaguing the health of their marriage.

The marriage which is barely a year old has begun to see some deterioration to the point that Xandy was calling for an immediate divorce.

On the back of that, Akuapem Poloo who is a mother of one has counselled Xandy Kamel to stay to save her marriage since a cheating partner is not as worse as an abusing sposue.

She wrote the following:

Dear sis I know you’re going through a lot right now but please sis all I can say is if the man in question is not Abusing you and it’s just about cheating please sis don’t let go the marriage cause let me tell you all men are cheaters don’t leave thinking you will fine a perfect man who doesn’t cheat please 🙏🙏 Our parent went through and still stood by our fathers till now all I will say is nowhere is cool 😢😌 be calm,be prayerful, leave everything to God and you will smile again okay much love Xandy❤️

Meanwhile, a video has re-emerged on social media which gives an account of Xandy Kamel – then unmarried – endorsing the advent of married men going out there for side chics.

According to her, she saw nothing wrong with the phenomenon since it opened opportunities for other single ladies to have men in their lives.

With her marriage experiencing a shipwreck, would it be safe to say Xandy Kamel’s words are coming back to bite her?

Check out the video for more…


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