If I continue buying expensive clothes, how can I pay my daughter’s school fees? Strongman

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Strongman has counselled his fans to live within their means since doing so might be the key to their financial liberation.

The rapper claims that he has created a system for living frugally and independently of his superstar status. He commented that if he spent ₵4,000 on clothes every day in his capacity as a celebrity, he would not be able to care for his daughter Simona.

In a recent chat with famed Youtuber and content creator Kwadwo Sheldon, Strongman Burner exuded this profundity. The young rapper contends that if one wants to succeed in life, he must live within his means.

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He expatiated his position by saying; “The price of 10 round neck shirts can afford 100 bags of cement. If a day’s attire and shoes cost 4,000 cedis, how can I pay Simona’s fees?” he added.

Relatedly, despite receiving four straight nominations for Best Rapper of the Year at the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), Strongman lamented his inability to take home his first-ever trophy.

The ex-SarkCess Music signee believes that despite his exceptional abilities, the VGMAs has repeatedly eluded him, leaving him to wonder what further he can do to obtain the desired honour.

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Despite being the only person in Ghana to have gotten four straight nominations for Best Rapper, the rapper said in an interview with TV3’s New Day that he had tried everything to win a VGMA but still hadn’t succeeded. He said the following in the interview:

“Four consecutive nominations is not an easy task, I am the only one on this soil, the only one in Ghana to have four years of four Best Rapper nominations.

For me not picking the award that is also another story because personally, I don’t know what I am supposed to do again. Because I have been doing it, for me to stay that consented for these number of years, it speaks volumes and I am not angry I don’t win.

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They have accepted me, as I keep saying, for you to be in the nominations lists without missing out because every rapper in Ghana has missed out, it should tell you I have been consistent and accepted.”


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