If I release the secrets, President Akufo Addo would suffer a heart attack – Serwaa Broni Dares NPP Communicators

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Serwaa Broni who is accusing President Akufo-Addo of having an affair with her has issued a stern warning to an army of government spin doctors, claiming that their challenge would force her to reveal secrets that the President is reportedly desperate to keep hidden.

Ms. Broni, or Evelyn Aidoo, is alleged to have pledged fair and square that if the President’s henchmen do not cease trying to shame and disgrace her because of her lesbian sexual orientation, she will reveal dirty secrets she has vowed not to reveal.

Kevin Taylor, a Ghanaian journalist residing in the United States, has interviewed the woman and claims that if she releases the secrets, President Akufo-Addo would suffer a heart attack.

“In fact, the lady involved has given me permission to tell you guys about it.” I had a one-hour phone conversation with her.

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Mr. Taylor said in a podcast on his Loud Silence media platform that “people are going around trying to malign her, trying to use her sexual orientation to discredit everything that she has brought out,” and that “she is saying that you guys must stop if not what she has promised not to do, she will do it.”

According to Kevin Taylor, the woman is irritated by the rhetoric, and she threatens that if it continues, she will be forced to share the information she does not want to, including films.

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“Those of you in government who are attempting to smear her because of her sexual choice, you guys should back off,” Mr. Taylor, who serves as an unofficial spokeswoman, cautioned.


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