If supporting #LGBTQI will send me to  hell, then I’m ready to meet Satan – Bridget Otoo

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"You voted for NPP and you're disappointed, do not involve NDC" – Bridget Otoo to Ghanaians

Bridget Otoo has grown bolder and relentless in her support for the legalization and protection of rights of individuals who identify themselves with the acronym LGBTQI.

The former TV3 staff just like some like-minded Ghanaians have thrown their weight behind not only the legalization of the act but also the eradication of the mental barriers many have built against LGBTQI.

With so many arguments made for and against the entire LGBTQI conversation in Ghana, Bridget Otoo believes there is no harm in allowing someone the right to choose and exercise their sexual fantasy without any hindrance.

On the back of the popular religious stand taken by many Ghanaians who believe LGBTQI is not only alien to our culture but also the Bible and Quran vehemently condemns it, Bridget Otoo believes it is just an instituted dogma that must not be given the chance to fester in a 21st Century Ghana.

Indeed, if supporting Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Queers And Intersexes qualify one for Hell (an afterlife location in which evil souls are subjected to punitive suffering, often torture, as eternal punishment after death), Bridget Otoo is ready to pay that price.

“I’m told the easiest and fastest way to make it to hell is by supporting #LGBTQI Sign me up, I want to meet Satan!” she tweeted.

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