‘If You Are An Actress And No Producer Or Director Has Ever Asked You For S£x, Then There Is Something Wrong With You – Vicky Zugah

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At a time when s£xual harassment has been brought to the forefront to help women fight their way out of this social injustice, Vicky Zugah is singing a different tune.

Well the Ghanaian actress said most up and coming actresses, who are very desperate to get to the top are the ones who offer s£x on a silver platter to these directors and producers.

In an interview with Naa Ashorkor on Showbiz A-Z Show on Joy FM Vicky painter a clear picture of what truly happens behind the scenes.

She said:

‘S£x roles in the movie industry is very real. I won’t lie about. It’s happened, it’s happening and it will happen again tomorrow and it’s normal.

If you are a woman and you are in the industry and no one is asking you out like a producer, a director or someone who is in charge isn’t asking you for s£x then there is something wrong with you.’

Looks like there a lot of rhetorics in her statement, right?

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