If You Are Not Ready To Be In A Child’s Life , Then Use Protection To Avoid It – Yvonne Nelson Jabs Runaway Fathers(Screenshot)

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In a Tweet recently, Ghanaian actress, movie producer and entrepreneur, Yvonne Nelson has lambasted men who “runaway” after fathering their kids.
The recent cases of children growing up with single parents has increased at an alarming rate. Perhaps the reason for Yvonne Nelson’s utterances.
It can be recalled that, Yvonne Nelson who has been cerebrating both mother’s day and fathers day with mother grew with with a single parent. She revealed in an interview with Abeiku Santana on how she held a grudge against her biological father for abandoning her.
She is currently co-parenting her daughter Ryn Roberts with the father.

According to the delectable actress, it is better to prevent a child from coming to this world with the use of condom than to bring the child forth and abandon him/ her.

In her tweet she wrote; To the men, if you aren’t TRULY ready to be in a child’s life, F*cking protect yourselves, you are the reason for so many broken families and kids out there! A man’s world? Today isn’t your day if you haven’t put in any work!

Her tweet got both negative and positive reactions. While some thought she was right, others disagreed with her!

With the high rate of street children in Ghana, her sentiments can be understood.

However, it is the responsibility of both men and women to make sure they have children only when they are ready and not out of wedlock. At least pampers is still more expensive than condoms. So if ain’t ready, protect yourself.

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