“If You Can’t Be There For Your Kids And Love Them Unconditionally, Don’t Procreate”-Denola Grey Advises

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Nigerian actor, Denola Grey has advised people not to procreate if the cannot be there for their children and love them unconditionally.

According to him, the children are human beings with a life of their own to live and not some extension of parents meant to just decorate the egos of those who gave birth to them.

For Denola Grey, if you aren’t going to be there for them and love them unconditionally, especially when you have not received that yourself from you own parents when you were a kid, then you have no business procreating.

Denola Grey dished out this advice on Twitter.

It must be said that some people just procreate just for the sake of it; the responsibilities that they are supposed to take for the children, is normally not there and this culminates in the children struggling to survive.

“Parents, your children are living breathing human beings.

Not extensions of you that are meant to decorate your ego.

You must be prepared to be available for them and love them unconditionally especially if you didn’t receive the same.

If you can’t do this, don’t procreate,” Denola Grey wrote.


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