If You Can’t Control Yourself, Get Married – Counselor Advises People

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Ghanaian Pastor and life coach, Oheneba Kofi Agyei has advised people to stay away from masturbation and get married if they can’t control their feelings. 

Speaking on eTV Ghana’s in Bed with Adwen during a discussion on whether masturbation was a good act, the man of God emphatically stated that it was a sinful act and as such people should desist from it.

According to him, the Bible states that sexual pleasure is only for married couples, hence any other act that is meant to satisfy some form of sexual pleasure is a sin if the doer is not married.

“Looking at it from the Biblical point of view, from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible does not make any reference to masturbation. The Bible does not talk about masturbation but specified when he wants sex to be introduced.

God created sex for married couples and anything in nature that humans do, there’s an intention or purpose for it so if you don’t meet that purpose, whatever the justification for that act, it is wrong”, he said.

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