‘If You Can’t Give When You Have ₵100, You Won’t Give When You Have ₵10,000’– Actress Kate Henshaw

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Actress Kate Henshaw has made a profound statement on Twitter to emphasize the essence of generosity. 

The Nollywood thespian posited that anyone who cannot give to people when he or she has only N1000 would not be able to give when they eventually get N1 million. The ever-adorable Kate made the comment to kick start the brand new month of March.

”If you can’t give when you have N1,000…

You won’t give when you have N1million.”

See her post;

Nigerians were quick to offer varying responses to her message. See below;

@iyke_nwabuko wrote; I don’t agree, with 1k you may need to eat and tp yourself to somewhere so may not be able to give out any dime, but with 1 million you “MAY” be able to do the basics and have a little to give.

@firstdoctorr; You’ll be stingier when you have N100 million. You’ll even kill when you have N1 billion.

@Eziahatoka; I know people who are waiting to have 10m before they start giving.

@_teemejz; Genuine giving is resident in the heart, not in mere display of self-acclaimed possessions. Someone who wishes to give, will give irrespective of your social strata in life.

True generousity has its root in Christ, not in human appraisal or personal aggrandizements. Be generous!

@iam_Yungsaint; So if i have 1,000 as my balance and someone asked me for help of 1,000 i should give and stay hungry ?

@samsonadeyemi_; This sound cliche but it’s so true! A lot of times, we think deceive ourselves by saying “I’d do it when I have so and so amount.” But truth is, the more we have, the harder it becomes to give! And in fact, we would always feel like we need to have more! Thanks for the reminder!

@Francizxx1; And even if u give when all u have is #1000. E no mean say u go still give when u get #1 million.
People day change

90’s adage no day too work for 21st century

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