If you choose to sleep with a music producer for roles, it is your loss” – Martha Ankomah

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In an Interview at UTV, Actress, Martha Ankomah adviced new actresses to desist from sleeping with men for roles

We know how common it is for actresses to sleep with producers for roles especially lead roles in movies, hoping that it will make them more popular and recognized. There are also times that it is made a requirement before one gets a role

Martha Ankomah has blatantly said that it isn’t the producer who makes you a star.

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She said, “First off, it’s God who produces Stars; He’s the only one who can make you shine for long, and so if you go in to sleep with a movie producer for movie roles so as to become a star, then you’ve run at loss”

She also added that if you’re truly talented, even a producer cannot stop you from shining so there’s is no need to sleep with him.

“Ask yourself how many movie roles can he give you that can make you a star, maybe that movie won’t hit for you to become even popular. And so for me, make sure you have the talent first, and work hard at becoming a star.”

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