‘If You Claim To Be A Musician And You Did Not Speak About ‘Drop That Chamber’, Then Fcvk You’- Kwaw Kese (+Screenshot)

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Kwaw Kese

Few days ago, rapper Kaw Kese joined the ‘drop that chamber’ campaign to add his voice to the proposed new parliamentary blocks that Ghanaian MPs were planning to build. Read more here…

The cost of the new building is said to cost a whopping $200m and this angered several Ghanaians who maintained that the country cannot afford this at this stage in its development. Fortunately, the MPs have withdrawn the proposal and have issued a release to that effect.

But that will not prevent an angry Kwaw Kese from firing his colleagues who did not take part in the campaign. According to him, a celebrity/artist is supposed to use his influence to make a change otherwise he’s a stomach musician.

He wrote; “If u claim to be a musician, youth leader or celebrity and can’t use ur position to affect positive change in your community or Ghana as a whole then fuck u. Shame to those stomach musicians who said they won’t listen Some of us spoke and now they’ve “ dropped the chamber.”

See below;

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