If You Don’t Have A Job, Don’t Think Of Looking For A Woman, Look For A Job- Esther Audu Tells Men

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Nollywood actress, Esther Audu Ojire has advised men not to be thinking about looking for women but rather prioritise looking for a job if they don’t have one or any genuine source of income.

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“Hear me brothers, a man who does not have a job or source of income should not think of looking for a woman, LOOK FOR A JOB,” she wrote on IG.

Esther Audu who starred in quite a number of popular Nigerian movies including “Order of the ring”, “Dinner” and “Mystified” left the door ajar for opinions as she stated it is an opinion that she holds.

“My opinion though. What is your take on this?”, she added.

Leo Okafor, a fan commented; “You may be right to some extent. Do you know that most guy survive and fed their families through mini jobs? For one to start up or establish a business requires #capital. The economic system of this country is a total mess. In most cases guys were not the cause of their predicament. Remember there are millions of educated and brilliant graduates 
 out there. (1) How do you intend to ration this statement you made in regards to those who are hardworking while still not making meaningful success in life? Secondly, is it a crime if the ladies or the women support their men to grow in life? Finally, how many women  have supported their men to grow in their businesses? From my research, most of them milk their men dry. They make unnecessary and unpleasant request. We the men are vulnerable to dangers and risk of life. If you are privileged to be in the comfort zone, just thank God”.

JN Ajayi Steve added; “A woman is not a statue.. She is a living thing and human.. Both sexes shouldn’t look for each other until they have a job”.

You can add your own voice to this assertion by Esther.

See her post below;

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