“if you trust a woman, you will never be successful”– Emotional Chairman cries out after ‘chopping’ broken heart (+Video)

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A video of a young man destroying a romantic picture frame of himself and his ex-girlfriend is trending on Twitter, and we just can’t help it but laugh.

It turns out, his girlfriend cheated on him and couldn’t take the heartbreak and in a way to respond, he’s destroyed what could be a memory of their moment together.

As he’s unable to get it destroyed with a knife, a friend comes in to offer support, by breaking the photo frame.

“If you trust a woman, you will never be successful, don’t trust a woman”— the angry young man is heard saying in the video


That’s not all. In another video, he’s heard even cursing any guy who trusts a woman.


True love is hard to find huh? This is really funny guys.

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