If you weren’t blind you could have seen your wife is sleeping with the barber- Man finds out his wife has been cheating on him during an argument with his neighbour

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A man became speechless after finding out how his wife has been cheating on him in the most bizarre way possible.

The man in question got embroiled in a verbal confrontation with a neighbour who scratched his car after a minor accident. He lashed out at the neighbour for being careless and bumping into his car.

He asked him if he was blind but the other guy shot back and said he is the one who is blind otherwise he would have known his wife has been sleeping with a barber guy whose shop is located down their street.

A Twitter user called Guchi shared the interesting story on the internet which has since provoked intriguing feedback.

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Guchi’s tweet read;

“so my guy was having an altercation with his neighbor for scratching his car and he shouted are you blind and the neighbor told him that he was the blind one, that if he wasn’t he could have seen his wife is sleeping with the barber guy down their street…”

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