“If Your Girlfriend Asks For 80K And You Give Her 5k, You Don’t Deserve A Relationship”, Realtor Tells Men

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A Nigerian realtor has apparently risked incurring the wrath of guys after claiming that if a guy is not able to give his girlfriend what exactly she ask for, then they don’t deserve to be in any relationship with her.

Nowadays, many go into a relationship with the hope of making money which shouldn’t be the case.

This makes some  ladies often move from one man to the other in search of the one that will be able to foot their bills to the later.

According to the lady, a guys does not deserve a relationship if his girlfriend asks him for 80k Naira and he is not able to get it all and end up giving her only 5k Naira.

One will struggle to understand her reasoning on making such claim because one does not go into a relationship just to put all their burdens on another person.

“Your gf asked you for 80k and u said all u can give her is 5k??? Haaa Ani damu ogbeni u don’t deserve to be in a relationship,” she wrote.

One Twitter user questioned her if relationship is a poverty alleviation programme that will make a girl demand that much from her boyfriend.

Rad Salo wrote; “Relationship is not a poverty alleviation program. 80k for wetin? If na money she want..make she go find job or start business! Let d guy give what he can afford!!”

Another user reacting to the lady’s comment said that it is unwise for a lady to tie her financial freedom to a man.

“Abeg the boyfriend even try wey he give u 5k ,e no easy shiey u Know, person wey give u 5 k fit give u 80k ,na so e just be.
If he has he would do more,at least he tried to respond to the fact that u need money 4 something.
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