“If You’re Broke, Go And Hustle; Don’t Tie Anyone’s Daughter Down With ‘Reason With Me’-Men Told

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‘Broke men’ often tell ladies they want to whoo to reason with them in hope that things will get better for them with time, but to a Nigerian man, it is cruel to tie anyone down this way.

According to him, who can be described as a certified hustler, no one should tie down someone’s daughter in the hope that things will get better with time

He admonished men to go and hustle if they are broke and leave relationships alone.

Some times, it goes well for ladies who agree to reason with broke guys because it works out for them so well they get comfortable in the end but some too go so bad and the ‘reason with me’ turns out to be a punishment for nothing.

Many ladies have thus become a bit sceptical about following the famous broke ‘reason with me’ guys out there.

The man, known as “Holy Man on Twitter shared this advice for men on the social messaging platform where he wrote;

“Bro If you’re broke, just leave relationship alone and focus on hustle Don’t tie somebody’s daughter with “Reason with me.”

Those of us who are broke right now have to go and hustle as relationship, according to Holy Man isn’t for us.

It will be unfair if we tie down someone’s daughter and tell them to reason with us.

What if the better future we envisage doesn’t come to pass? What then have we done to the girls?

Our priority is to continue our hustle as the beautiful ones are now being born.

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