Ignore anyone who uses 1Phone 13 and begs you for money, they don’t need help- Reno Omokri

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Reno Omokri has stated that anyone who proudly owns the new iPhone 13 does not need any help from anyone whatsoever.

The social media influencer shared this controversial statement on his verified social media handle on Twitter. According to him, no matter how desperately one begs for financial aid from you, ignore the person if you know he or she uses any of the expensive iPhone series especially the recently released 13 version.

The post he made reads;

“NEVER give money to anyone who has the latest iPhone, no matter how desperately they beg. Such a person is not a good steward of money. They are not in need. They are in want. Big difference. They have money, but spend it not on their needs, but on their wants.”

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See reactions;

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@hafizaderemi – True. And there’s even a high chance that they’ll spend the money you want to give them on more want(s)… because human wants are insatiable But then, what if the iPhone was a gift to the person…

@IsiomaGift4 – Such people spend their money on wants, and beg to use ur money on their need,, such as food,

@Komodofela – Let’s read well before commenting, his statement said the latest iPhone and u and I know the latest iPhone is iPhone 13 which costs up to 1.2m ….

Such person cannot be begging for money, weda u got d phone through a gift or self purchase.


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