I’ll beat any young musician who disrespects me- KK Fosu issues a stern warning

KK Fosu has issued a stern warning to artists who belong to the new school block to be wary of the way they deal with him.

The veteran Highlife and Hiplife star said any form of insubordination from any of these artists who feel they are on top hence would disrespect pacesetters like him would earn any of them instant beatings from him.

He however maintained that no young musician has ever insulted him and he expects the situation to remain the same, albeit he has seen his colleagues being disrespected by the younger folks.

He revealed this when he was hosted in the studios of Kantanka TV during the Link Up show.

In his words: “Me, I will slap you, I will beat you if you disrespect me”. KK Fosu said this on Kantanka TV on the show Link Up.

According to him, they paved the way for this younger generation so it would be a mistake for them to treat them with contempt.

“When I look at the kind of contribution, we have contributed which is making you benefit I will not allow that” he added.


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