“I’ll declare the election results within 24 hours” – EC Boss says but NDC raises concern

Jean Mensa
Jean Mensa

The Madam Jean Mensa-led Electoral Commission (EC) has said it is in the position to declare the final results of the 2020 general elections within 24 hours after votes have been cast.

This, the opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC) alleges there may be some foul play since election results have always taken two to three days to be counted and announced.

However, Madam Jean Means has dispelled these fears and claims by the NDC that there may something up their sleeves as far as the results of the election are concerned.

According to her, the EC has been well resourced with the human capital and necessary logistics to help it declare the election results within a day.

This she said at a press conference today December 1, 2020, as the special voting exercise involving security personnel, media practitioners and other officials begins.

“Ordinarily, the intention of declaring results is to minimize tension. After all, if you have the results why sit on it, why wait on the results when you have the results. We all know that our media houses have in the past been able to present the results in some ten hours of the poll and so if you’ve put in place systems to ensure that you receive the results on time why the panic.

“I think the panic should rather be when the EC says it will declare the elections after one week, then you should panic. But if you’re bringing in efficiency and allaying the fears and suspicions of persons I think we should be commended and encouraged rather we should all work together in order to achieve this.”

On the side of the NDC, they have raised allegations concerning the fact that the EC may have been influenced by the governing party to manipulate the results of the election hence they are in a rush to announce President Akufo-Addo the next leader of the country.


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