I’m a model with a ‘poo phobia; I become so bloated I once collpased on set – Emmerald Barwise

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The 36-year-old model, Emmerald Barwise from Wrexham has disclosed how she passed out on set after not going to the toilet for two weeks.

According to the model from Wles, she used to think that avoidig the loo or days and sometimes weeks was a ‘normal thing’ until she passed out.

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Due to her refusal to visit the toilet, Emmerald Barwise got bloated with poo which made her pass out during a photoshoot. Emmerald does not eat before shooting and admitted her lifestyle affects socialising such as going out for dinner. 

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Emmerald said: ‘I never came from a family which speaks about those things. I’m 36 and this has been my whole life, I would like to get it sorted. 

‘My girlfriend [said] how are you hiding going to the toilet from me? You are not a unicorn, you do poo.’ 

The professional model claimed she can look pregnant on set when she skips going to the loo for weeks on end.  

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She added: ‘When I have dated people in the past it’s been really hard to make excuses to go to the toilet.’

Later in the show Emmerald met and sat down with dietitian Sophie Medlin to sort out her stool problem.

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