“I’m a Muslim but I believe in Jesus” – Naira Marley causes confusion online with his assertion

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"I’m a Muslim but I believe in Jesus" – Naira Marley causes confusion online with his assertion

Nigerian musician Naira Marley has caused some confusion among social media users when he said he believes in Jesus although he is a Muslim.

This short but simple statement has generated heated argument on Twitter as Christians and Muslims debate on the authenticity of this assertion.

While some say it is not wrong for a Muslim to believe in Jesus since Jesus is seen as the prophet of God in the Holy Qur’an, others believe it is a no-go-area for a Muslim to publicly declare his belief in Jesus.

Meanwhile, some Christians also believe if Naira Marley believes in Jesus then he is not a Muslim anymore because Jesus is the centre and anchor of the Christian faith. Thus anyone who believes in Him becomes his follower.

Religion is a very volatile issue in this part of our world thus this basic assertion albeit harmless, is causing more harm than good.

Is it possible to be a Muslim and still believe in Jesus?


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