“I’M A WH*RE?? How I Wish I Was One” – Filmmaker Leila Djansi Puts Haruna On The Blast Of A Lifetime

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It appears some functions in the NDC are eager to make their government to loose power come December 2016.
Well, we all know they will definitely loose and one of such uncivilised persons known as Halidu Haruna, whom we’ve learned is a Presidential Staffer accelerated the process.
He posted the most lame thing, even an uneducated man wouldn’t say. In a Facebook post, he mentioned that, Ghanaian celebrities who are above the age of 30 and not married are pr*stitutes.  This post has angered all, not just the women but the men as well including myself.
This post of his positing that women celebrities above the age of 30 and not married are pr*stitues is palpable and very distasteful.
We are certain, he posted that because Lydia Forson, who is above 30 years and married yet, wrote in an open letter describing the president as a kid in class who is always last (Read that article here)
One of the shakers in the movie industry, Leila Djansi has written a long letter to Alhaji Halidu Haruna. Tell us what you think after reading this article and share it if you think what Haruna did was very wrong and should be fired.
Read the letter below
What I really wanted to blog about today is Hospital Killings. I’ll do that next week.

I thought I’d heard it all before, but this Halidu Haruna man has just declared I haven’t really heard it all.
I’ve been quietly following Yvonne Nelsons #Dumsormuststop campaign and I fully support her. I was in Ghana in February and it was not a very pleasant experience. My mum and my girls had histamine reactions from eating rotten fish. They had no idea it had gone bad from the constant power outages.

I doubt there is anything wrong in what Yvonne said or what she’s doing. I have so longed for this day when our celebrities become the voice for the ordinary Ghanaian.
I saw a photo of some Influential Awards in Ghana and I went “huh? have the so called most influential managed to change the value of the cedi or changed the price of a tuber of yam in makola?” Frivolous awards schemes for mere show. Yvonne Nelson however,  has and is using her fame for positive things. No matter how many times they have ganged up against her and called her names, this young woman rises up above all the obstacles and sets herself apart. Girl doesn’t even give herself lead role in her produced by movies. She shares the stage. I doff my hat to you woman. You are a star. Brightening the corner where you are no matter how many names you’re called names. There is no great change that was not achieved by intense opposition.

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But this Haludi person. This is what I saw on twitter of what he said about I am assuming Yvonne Nelson.

How insulting. I’m above 30. (although I prefer 29, lol. Cos I have a lot to achieve before 40). I can google my name, I work in entertainment, I have followers, we can humbly assume I am a lil well known in Ghana. I’M A WH*RE???? How I wish I were. I won’t be broke. I’ll be winding my waist and getting the money I need for this upcoming film.

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That is a very irresponsible statement coming from someone who is the face of the presidential bandwagon. That’s something I expect to hear from a trotro driver or his mate. Not from a government official. How callous! It parades a thorough lack of education, lack of respect for his mother, unfortunately. Because if you respect your mother, you will exercise some decorum, when you speak about women. I am embarrassed for the NDC. No wonder JJ Rawlings and Nana Konadu Rawlings, the best 1st lady, one who changed the face of women in Ghana, want nothing with the party. I am sad really, because Volta NDC was started in my house. I remember squeezing beside my father when the party bigwigs meet at our home in Ho. Forthwith, the party has been reduced to idle talkers and dining hall prefects.

Mr Haludi, (I am misspelling your name on purpose), I consider myself an advocate for women’s rights. I tell women stories. By that post, you have, by extension comprised me in your senseless and childish drivel. That obtuse gobbledygook.

But, I guess you’re upset, that, there are women out there, beautiful women like Yvonne Nelson, who are independent of men. Who are successful, by any means necessary and do not depend on the purse strings of a man. Women who can CHOOSE the man they want to be with. Women who can CHOOSE, when a man will sleep with them. Women who can CHOOSE which man to let stay and which one to let go. It wasn’t like that in the past. and I’m sure your transmission is stuck back in the 50’s somewhere. Stone age or some other Jurassic park era.

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You are rendered insecure by an independent woman. One you can only admire from a distance but cannot under any circumstances speak to, because, she is above you. That must hurt.
You know a woman like that will take you out and spend HER money on you and that takes away from your manly pride.
You know a woman like that will hit you back if you hit her.
Yow a woman like that can LEAVE anytime she wants!
You know her voice is louder than yours.
Does her gait make you insecure?
Do her breasts make you doubt your manliness?
Does her satiny skin make you cower in shame and fright at the callousness of yours?
Does her hair make you tremble from desires that cannot be granted?
Must be very annoying you cannot put a bridle on her like a horse, and have her plow where you lead, or a ring in her nose like a cow and control the number of paces she takes.

I feel your pain.

There is only one word out there that describes you. COWARD.
Stop hiding behind abuse to belittle a woman.
Stop hiding behind foul words.
Might you doubt the strength of your loins perhaps?
That’s an easy fix – look for confidence. It fixes a lot of problems.
A real man is never afraid of an outspoken woman.
Neither does he abuse her, to take back his power.
A real man revels in the knowledge of a woman.
He allows her walk ahead of him.
He doesn’t try to take her shine because a real man knows that if a woman shines, so does he. A real man is not afraid to tap into his feminine side. He is not afraid of being sensitive. It takes a man, a courageous man to have sensitivity, emotion.

A weak man, like you, however, prefers his woman to not have a voice but borrow his.
A weak man prefers a needy woman, who crawls to him for every dime and dollar, her need makes him feel like man.
A weak man looks for a woman HE can take care off and brag on that, because that is all he has going for him.
Only weak men see attitude.
Only weak mean fear the voice of a woman.

I get it. Times have changed and men are just not being given their due anymore. Women now work, hold great positions, rule nations, choose to have babies via CS, choose to NOT have children, choose to NOT be glorified housemaids, Choose high levels of education and choose daring careers like….acting. Whew. you must be upset!

It’s unfortunate you are not man enough to handle a small chiding a young girl gave you and you resorted to temper tantrums, stamping your feet, shaking your fists and foaming at the mouth. Shame!
Mr, you better call ya mama and apologize to her. She raised a brat.

If John Mahama does not get rid of this man, I will be very disappointed in any woman who votes for NDC. I will go from village to village in the Volta and tell the women NDC executives say us women, are whores.

At the end of the day, this man represents the general mindset of most Ghanaians: If you are confronted with the truth, attack it, to make it irrelevant. That’s weak.

By the way, Halidu Haruna, you give Moslems a bad name.


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