I’m Doing What Jesus Couldn’t Do, Stay Home If You Can’t Pay For Consultation–Prophet Kyiri

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For there liveth a man, who doeth what Christ couldn’t do and his name is Prophet Kyiri Abosom, who is known in real Rev.Christian Kwabena Andrews—Praise God!

Kyiri Abosom is pissed off. Yes, he says he cannot fathom some people these days and in a new video has expressed his thoughts on what people think of him about charging for consultation. Prophet Kyiri Abosom is the founder and leader of Life Assembly Worship Center.

According to Kyiri Abosom, he’s doing what Jesus Christ Himself couldn’t do, the reason why he has to charge for his services as well as a man of God and that he does not force anyone to pay any monies to him.

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He also said that church service is FREE, so if one is broke and does not have money to pay for the consultation, then he should stay at home.

In defending his statement, he added that even in the Bible Jesus Christ said that, Pastors and Prophets will come after Him who will do things and even greater ones that He couldn’t do, so he’s also doing the things Jesus couldn’t do on earth.

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He even reminded us of Ecclesiastes 10:19 which reads; “Bread is made for laughter, and wine gladdens life, and money answers everything”

Watch Video Below:



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