I’m Done With Love, It’s Going To Be All About MONEY Henceforth–Efia Odo

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After 2 months of living in denial that her relationship with Revloe has truly ended, Efia Odo mastered courage and announced that her relationship with him is over in several tweets last night.

She made several revelations, about how she was confident that Revloe was going to settle down with her because he followed her to meet her mom in the USA and even met her sisters, so she thought that was settled considering the fact that he made several promises to her.

Unknown to Efia Odo, Revloe was doing all of that, so he could enjoy smashing the coochie and even when he was done with her, he didn’t have the courage to tell her the relationship was over.

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When a video of Revloe chilling with another woman in Kumasi popped up some months ago, Efia Odo said she trusted him and that, it meant nothing—Girl was mad over heels in love with this Kweku Revloe guy, that even when the signs were very obvious, she refused to see them.

Efia Odo
Efia Odo

In one of the tweets she made, she disclosed that, she was submissive in the relationship and was even the one paying and never asked for anything from him.

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Efia Odo seems to have suffered several of such disappointments in the past from men and in one tweet revealed how an ex of hers made her start looking for African prints, thinking she was about to be married, only for him to also walk out of her life.

Efia Odo x Boyfriend

Efia Odo has set a new agenda, saying she’s done going into relationships in the name of love as it never helped her and that men are not really interested in love and as such, money is going to be the motivating factor when she dates again.

She tweeted saying; “If I don’t know how to do anything I know how to be a loving submissive woman. Don’t ask for shit and I even offer! Fuck this love shit .. y’all gone have to turn that shit efia sika cuz that’s all I’m about right now. Niggas don’t want love.”

Yes, so now Efia Odo is done doing ‘lovey dovey’ things. She’s no longer following love but money in her next relationship. If you want to date her, you’ve got to have the money and will pay before you can smash the coochie, so incase you decide to leave, she knows she’s gained financially.

Whoa! See the tweet below:


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