I’m dying slowly, I’m just 60 and I don’t want to die young – Actor Remy Ohajianya begs colleagues to come to his aid

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Veteran Nollywood actor Remy Chukwuemeka Ohajianya popularly known as Remy Ohajianya has begged his colleagues to come to his aid because he’s dying slowly.

He revealed in a new video shared on Facebook that he’s down with multiple ailments which are dragging him to his grave gradually.

Remy Ohajianya has therefore called on the public and industry players to help him out because he doesn’t want to die.

According to the proof of the medical report made available online, the Nollywood actor suffers from liver infection, prostate cancer, diabetes and deafness.

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Remy Ohajianya shared his sad story saying, ‘I don’t want to die, I’m too young to die. I’m only but 60 years old; 60 plus months.’

So many things is actually wrong with me. But I have to start from a particular point. And I want to crave the indulgence of people all over the world, that nobody should judge me from my voice. I have a theater trained voice. My voice echoes for people to hear. If you want to judge me, you will say that I’m well all over. Again, my body look is very deceptive. It looks good outwardly to the extent that people think that I’m well, not knowing that it’s dead internally….. It started in 2016, but it became worst in 2017 till date;

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I have been living with numerous aliments. I have Liver infection. It has been there for years without me knowing until it begins to developed to the extent that I don’t wear shoes again…..I also have what the doctor described as weak sense of my body. They describe it that I’m dying slowly or gradually…. As I talk to you now, I can’t stand for five minutes or trek for five minutes. If I do, from my waist to my leg will be vibrating to the extent that I will be hearing the sound…. I know that I have Diabetes, I have Prostrate.

And to worsen it all, since December last year to January, February when it became so severe, I have been suffering deafness….. I have spent a lot of money on medication since 2016 when this started: every money I get goes into medication. In 2020, I would have been gone (a dead human) until someone introduced me to a product….. The cost of the medicines in 12 months amount to N4 million, 104 thousand naira, and I don’t have it.’

See reactions from Nigerians over this new development;

Chimdiebube Es: ‘Those medications he mentioned  will really help him to getting back on his…God will bring helpers Amen  ..you are healed sir.’

DrOnuoha U: ‘I have listened to this, why does people really believe in supplements that can not help their life, A known hypertensive and diabetic. If you don’t control your diabetes and hypertension, then your liver, heart and kidney will deteriorate more. Your health can restored fully if your primary illness which is hypertension and diabetes is tackled, upon which those other complications you have mentioned earlier(constipation , heart failure, kidney issues)originate from.

The stem cell drugs you are putting your hope will not help so much. You can inbox me on my Instagram @ Dr.Oxf..,

I will be glad to manage you with less than 10% of the money you have mentioned here. You are not paying me. I will consult with you, prescribed the medication and you get them at any pharmacy nearest to you. While I continue to monitor you and follow you up.’

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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