‘I’m Going to Behave Like Afia Schwar Henceforth- I’ll Insult Anyone Who Insults Me, Nonsense!’- Vim Lady Loses Her Cool On Footsoldiers

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Seasoned journalist and radio personality, Afia Pokuaa aka Vim Lady has gone berserk on radio and called the bluff of party footsoldiers, especially those aligned to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who attack her and another journalist when they try to question the government on its style of administration.

Speaking on her own show on Okay FM, the eloquent journalist said most party footsoldiers think because they speak the local language to disseminate their messages, they are not enlightened. According to her, she’s going to toe the same lane as Afia Schwarzenegger and Kennedy Agyapong who always fight back with or without any provocation.

See below for an excerpt of what she said;

This year I’m ready and if you like send your nonsense messages. Like President Mahama said, nobody has monopoly over violence, for us we will not fight, for us nobody has monopoly over spewing nonsense. We’ve been quiet for long because we are public figures but for now, if you spew nonsense, we will reply in similar fold. That’s why you’re afraid of Afia Schwarzenegger and Kennedy Agyapong because if you try them, they will not let you go Scot free. We will all go that line.

You Ghanaians who we are seeking accountability and transparency for are the same who attack the media. It will get to a point no journalist will ask any questions. They will just keep quiet and watch. Politicians will take you people for granted forever. The more you insult Journalist, the more we will shut the hell up and bloody stop talking. When you people watch BBC and CNN and you see Christiane Amanpour and Stephen Sackur and they are drilling politicians, you’re happy about that and say they are bold but when you do same in Ghana, you are told you don’t like the politician.

Do you think if we are not qualified we would have been sitting behind the microphone? The most painful thing is that because some of us speak the local language, you people think we are empty. If we should publish our CVs, like you will know that we are more qualified than some of your Ministers, we are bloody qualified than some of them but you feel that it’s ok to insult us the ones who are seeking for accountability for you. I say the more you insult us, the more we will decide not to speak,” she fired.


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