I’m Not Beyond Criticisms, I Made That Tweet To Pay My Tribute To Ebony–Zylofon Media Boss Explains Himself

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Zylofon Media CEO & Ebony

CEO of Zylofon media came under heavy criticism on social media after he made a tweet in paying tribute to the late Ebony which in a way suggested that Ebony was in some sort of bondage and wanted freedom, by leaving Ruff Town Records to Zylofon Media before her untimely death.

Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM 1  in a tweet he sent out on Saturday evening, read; “We had a fruitful meeting and reached an agreement just last Tuesday. “Please help me pay him for my bailout. I want to be free”. I hope you’re now free & finds absolute peace in the bosom of the almighty God. Let’s pay CRITICAL ATTENTION to our female artists.#RIPEbony.”

Lots of people described the tweet as very insensitive and said the timing was wrong. Even Ghbase.com’s Chris Handler held the opinion that, NAM 1 had committed a communication blunder and that the part about Ebony asking him to bail her out was unnecessary.

Unfortunately, others who also didn’t like his tweet used the opportunity to rain insults on him, and that’s something, that we found unfortunate. We need to criticise without using insults as Ghanaians.

After his tweet, and facing lots backlash from Ghanaians on Social media, his radio station, Zylofon FM, issued a release that, they were going to interview him today, so he clarifies things on air as people have misconstrued his earlier statement.

Just as promised, the ‘saviour’ of our entertainment industry was phoned in during the ‘Showbiz Agenda’ program on Zylofon FM to clarify his statement.

We must say, Nana Appiah has lots of control of the Queen’s language and went round and round using lots of big grammar to explain his stance but the key thing, he said was that, he didn’t find anything with his tweet and that, he only tweeted what he wrote based on his last meeting with the late Ebony.

Speaking to Sammy Flex, who also acts as the PRO for Zylofon Media, Nana Appiah Mensah.

According to him, he had only ‘reached’ an agreement with Ebony and not ‘signed’ an agreement with her and that it was Ebony who came to him with some people that, she needed his help, so she could be free. NAM 1 disclosed that, Ebony wanted him to pay her exit clause amount which is $100,000 to Ruff Town Records, so she could leave the label as she wanted to be ‘FREE’

Nana Appiah Mensah said, he felt, he did nothing wrong as he felt, he could afford that amount to bail out late Ebony and had plans on meeting with Bullet and Ruff Town Records, so a final agreement can be made before the unfortunate demise of Ebony.

Nana Appiah said he’s unperturbed by the criticisms from the public as he’s also human and not beyond criticisms. He also added that, he has plans of meeting with Ruff Town Records later on, so some sort of school or project be done and named after Ebony in remembrance of her life.

“So Ruff Town Records, would have been the beneficiary of $100,000 so where is the insensitiveness? Nana Appiah stated

“No one was going to do anything on the blind side of Bullet my brother”

Well, if you were expecting some sort of apology from NAM 1, it didn’t happen as he still maintains his stance. We don’t know what you would make of this, but you can share your thoughts on it in comments.

We are hoping to hear from Bullet to know what he makes of all of these. Nana Appiah’s revelation sort of poses two questions in our minds right now and they are:

“Was Ebony trying to be ungrateful to Bullet by running to millionaire Nana Appiah?”

“What did Ebony wanted to be from? What was happening at Ruff Town Records, that she wanted to be free from?

Well, we leave you to ponder over these questions and more.


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