I’m not bothered by the negative comments from Ghanaians – Fantana

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Rufftown Records latest signee, Fantana has disclosed that she is not bothered by the negative comments from Ghanaians about her music and appearance.

In an interview with Zion Felix on the ‘Uncut’, the ‘So What’ singer noted that she is not really bothered by social media trolls about her citing that every artiste gets criticised from the beginning of their career and that she expected every terrible comment coming at her.

According to Fantana, the bad comment and trolls are the test case for any artist to show tough they are and how often they can withstand hard times and also to develop a tough skin.

In her case, she posited that there haven’t been many negative comments and trolls except that she’s not a good artist and also has too many teeth.

“Yeah, but they say that about everybody who starts. They say that about everybody who starts because that’s just what it is,” she said when asked if she heard the comment that she is not a good artiste.

“I think they just want me to prove myself and I feel like they trynna see if I have a tough skin as well but I’ve seen that they do that with everyone,” she continued.

She also revealed that the worst comment she’s ever heard is the troll about her many teeth, aside from that, she doesn’t get bad comments that will make her cry.

“mmm the worst comment, I have too many teeth. I don’t really get bad comments like as bad that will make me cry, no”

“I think they don’t have anything to say so the only thing they can say is that I have too many teeth and then if I didn’t have enough teeth that one will also be [completed the sentence with an expression on the face]”

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