I’m Not Bothered When I’m Attacked For ‘Chopping’ MUSIGA’s Money – Obour

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On countless times the President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) Bice Osei Kuffour popularly known as Obour has been denigrated by sections of musicians for allegedley misappropriating funds meant for them (Musicians) but he (Obour) has said he isn’t perturbed.


Speaking on Kasapa FM, Obour noted that such claims are purported to defame his good reputation. “The aspect I’m not bothered at all is where people claimed I’ve spent money meant for MUSIGA because I usually hear that accusation but it’s not only about me (Obour), even President Kuffour’s time, he was chastised very well that he had spent money on a hotel and Late Prof. Atta Mills also suffered same wrong allegations. So when you’re leading in the capacity as a president, it’s normal to have such negative claims against you .”

He explained further that before he was inducted into office as MUSIGA President, now GHAMRO Chairman, Rex Omar assured to support him in his endeavours. Obour added that Rex Omar asked him to make a declaration that he wouldn’t give up on the fight to help develop and equip the Ghanaian musician to be self reliant, creative and industrious no matter how he (Obour) will be lambasted by section of members of the MUSIGA or the entire public.

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“Before I became MUSIGA President, I had a meeting with Rex Omar who told me he wanted to support me so he asked me if I’ll resign if people should allege that I’ve looted from the coffers of MUSIGA if I know I’ve not taken any money from MUSIGA’s account. So such criticisms are being said always and I know very well that with MUSIGA’s laid down structures I know how credible my accountant and treasurer are.”
Obour reiterated that he gets troubled when he takes certain decisions in the interest of MUSIGA but such decisions do not see the light of day due to such negative comments by critics. When asked if he (Obour) is corrupt, he answered, “No I’m not corrupt at all but when we say corruption, it is a huge word that in our daily lives we make choices so if one isn’t circumspect in his approach, people might conclude your choices to being bias especially when you give more time to secular artistes than gospel singers, people tag you as being corrupt but I do ask how can that be corruption.”

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He complained about how difficult the MUSIGA job has been to him since running for the second time as president of the institution. “The work you’ve entrusted in our hands is so difficult… The last time I got to realize how difficult the job has been for me was when I had prophecy from a pastor. “I knew along the line these kind of challenges will come… I had a chat with my Aunty who is prophetess and during the conversation she asked me why I get so worried when I’m being criticized negatively.


I answered that Yes I get worried when people criticize me for what they’ve no idea about… Sometimes I wish they knew my focus but some of the things they say are so demeaning but she cited an example that even Jesus christ who is God’s own son, came on this earth to die for mankind but he was criticized wrongly by his own people.


She went on to advice me that sometimes to really lead you must be prepared for some of these criticisms. So sometimes for people like us who know God, it makes us strong and make us really know that we’re doing what we can do, we’re walking in the foot of Christ,” Obour added.


Credit: Peacefmonline.com

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