Saturday, December 5, 2020

‘I’m Pretty, I Don’t Look Like A Corpse- Medikal is Not Mature For Saying That To Me’- Eno Barony Emotionally Reveals

Rapper Eno Barony has reacted once again to Medikal’s savage ‘she looks like a corpse’ infamous comment in a fresh interview on Joy FM. 

Medikal who could not stand the heat Eno Barony gave him in her ‘Argument Done’ diss song, resorted to verbal attacks in serries of Tweets, branding Eno as a corpse (apparently demeaning her looks) who doesn’t deserve his attention.

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Reacting, Eno Barony said she’s beautiful in her own way and won’t let the infantile comment of Medikal gets to her.

“I felt like he’s not matured. I’m not dead, I don’t look like a corpse, I’m very pretty so it won’t get to me. It can only get to me when I feel like I’m a corpse,” Eno reacted to the tweets for the first time on radio when she appeared on Joy FM Showbiz A-Z.

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