I’m Ready For You With My 6 Pacs, Rosemond aka Akuapem Poloo Dares Efia Odo (+Video)

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Rosemond Brown aka Akuapim Pooloo has dared actress and Kwesse Tv presenter Efia Odo to come out to face her if she’s woman enough. Our Akuapim Poloo threatened to beat Efia Odo for constantly abusing her verbally on Social media.

Rosemond who rose to fame for the indecent dress she wore to the VGMAs and comments she passed in that interview about Moesha was at this Weekend’s Celebrity Workout at the Aviation Social Center on Saturday.

Speaking to JoyNews, she stated that the main reason she decided to come out to exercise was to gain physical strength to be able to fight her enemies.

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‘I have to get fit on to face my enemies. I know a lot of people are punching on me. They want a fight and I am ready for them,’ she revealed.

‘Efia Odo you are one…If you have issues with me, come straight let’s face it…I will give it to you. She is going around on people’s page insulting me there,’ she continued.

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Rosemond Brown also bragged about her physique stressing that after having a baby, she still has a ‘flat’ stomach.

‘Look at my tummy. I have a son but I am still having the flat tummy, the six packs’, she teased.

The actress has become popular within a twinkle of an eye because of some controversial comments she passes on Social media. She drives a Hyundai Elantra, she claims was bought for her by her sugar daddy.

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Watch the video interview below: