“I’m Sleeping With A Married Man Who Has More Mistresses Because I Can’t Make Enough Money”–Moesha Buodong Reveals On CNN

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Moesha Buodong was on CNN on Amanpour’s show and in that interview with the world renowned TV hostess, Moesha disclosed that, she has to sleep with a married  man, because the economy in Ghana is soo hard that, you can’t make enough to survive in the country–Yes, Moesha was bold and confident in telling the whole world what she does to survive in Ghana.

If not for anything, we like Moesha for being REAL when it comes to how she makes her money–We know the movies don’t pay but the sugar daddies who are always ho*ny and wanting to spread their filthy money on these young girls.

Speaking to CNN’s Amanpour, who wanted to find out more about the life of young millennials and sekz around the world, Moesha apparently, happened to be one of the girls, the TV hostess spoke to (perhaps, someone suggested her when she was looking for girls to speak to for her show).

“Our economy is such that you need someone to take care of you, because you can’t make enough money as a woman in Ghana”

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