I’m Still Single After Divorce in 2012 & Ready to Mingle – Emelia Brobbey

Over the years, celebrity marriages do not last long because of many reasons of which ego has proven to be a factor. The same marital problem is happening in the relationship life of Emelia Brobbey.


The renowned Kumawood actress, Emelia Brobbey who is blessed with two sons from two different men, has stated that her supposed marriage with a medical doctor ended in a deadlock but fell short to give further details adding that she cannot probably be cheating on anyone if she is not married.


“I got married in 2010 but things didn’t work out; the marriage lasted for two years and in 2012 I got divorced. I mean documents signed by both partners agreed. Ever since I’ve dated and had a baby but I never got married again,” she explained.


According to her, in her quest to taste how love making was while at the Kibi Teachers College of Education pursuing her ‘Cert A’ in the Eastern Region, she got pregnant for her first son.


According to her, for fear of death and other related issues, she refused to commit an abortion leading to the birth of her first son who is almost in his teens now.


She disclosed that her second son was from a failed marriage adding that she appreciated her children as a mother and nurturing them to be very responsible citizens. To this end, she asked her fans to ignore rumors that she has entered into a new marital bond.