Deborah Vaness is at it again–Well, we are used to the African mermaid going n*de as it’s not the first time she’s doing something like this but this one is just purely beautiful and truly artistic. The girlfriend of the AMG signed artiste, Medikal caused a storm on Social media when she posted pictures of herself almost nakked with just beads covering her private parts.

Deborah Vanessa who’s also known as Sister Deborah tagged herself as the ‘Daughter Of The Sun’ in the photos and explained why she chose that title for the cover of the magazine.

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Explaining why she decided to choose the title, daughter of the son, she wrote:

o when @niidjarbeng_lightville does editorial shoots, he gives them titles for his Lightville Magazine. I named this shoot ‘FOKN Girl: Daughter of the Sun’ inspired by the word sun from @suntrade_beadsand @foknbois song called ‘Sons of Sun’ which talks about being proud of your natural complexion, being authentic, original and a child of the sun, full of vim. They sing “Children of the sun come come, if you bleach dier, chale run run.”🎤
Makeup & body art by the god 

Wel,, who cares about the title when we are just interested in admiring that beautiful body of yours sister Debbie—Damn, we now understand Medikal very well.

So here are some of the photos below:

Yes, no panties guys, nothing, I mean nothing, perhaps maybe some small tee-roll and sellotape to cover the coochie

I think blogging is not enough, I need to add photography to it

When Debby tried the Wakanda thingy

Chale, the girl just dey bee –Me need her replica, hala me if you are like this, I can split my monthly salary into 3 and give you one—Ayam sherious

Small b000bs but a flat tummy 😻😻

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