“I’m the queen of bl0wjob in Ghana” – Shugatiti brags

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Self-acclaimed Ghanaian actress and experienced nudist, Shugatiti has spoken out about her s3kxual prowess in the buff.

During an interview with Kwaku Manu on the ‘Aggressive’ program, Shugatiti shamelessly boasted that she is the “Queen of bl0wjob”.

Aside from her claims to be an excellent sex worker, she’s known for her ability to give heads.

According to her, certain males favour ice cream, while others prefer ice cubes.

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She went on to remark that some men enjoy ice cream, while others prefer an ice block on their heads.

After the interview, she enquired whether Kwaku Manu would want her to give him a head. Actors are more reluctant to accept Shugatiti’s offer because they fear the woman would murder them in bed.

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Video Below:

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