I’m trying to make money from my talent- Born again Moesha says after she was ‘caught’ twerking

Moesha Boduong insists she is trying to make money from the talent that has been bestowed on her by God.

This comes after some netizens questioned her on why she was twerking despite being a Christian. Following her near-death encounter at the hands of one of her many sugar daddies, the former slay queen, whose enormous butt serves as her major accessory, recently delighted the Christian community when she stated that she has repeated and committed her life to God.

As proof that God has been faithful to her for sparing her life after she was almost used for rituals, she was shown in a number of films expressing her love for Christ and her desire to win people for God’s kingdom.

But as this new video of her intense twerking leaked online, it appeared that their assurances were just a sham. One IG user asked her if Christianity didn’t pay among the criticism she received, which was all negative and reminded her that Christians do not act that way.

The Instagram user @quefio_the_pluff wrote: “The Christianity not dey pay err.”

Moesha clapped back and said that there was nothing wrong with her dance moves or the choice of song that was playing in the background.

“God loves sexy women,” she wrote. Moesha’s caption to a viral video read: “May we all begin to find and do what really makes us great at our talents and may God bless anyone making money from their talents amen.”


SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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