“I’m turning 32 next month but I have no husband, no car and no kids” – Woman shares heartbreaking post about her life

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When our dreams are not achieved, we either blame ourselves or lay the blame on our circumstances. This usually makes us bitter, unhappy and depressed.

At age 32, a woman is looking at how far she has come and the failure on her side to secure for herself a husband, a car and kids.

Thembisile said although she is happy for life and looks into the future with hope, she feels down anytime she looks at her life and the things she has failed to achieve.

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When we are young, our dreams are big but when reality dawns on us we realize it takes more than just mere wishes to make one dreams come true.

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Thembisile said she is now trying to deal with problems she should have solved when she was 20 and these issues are making her life cumbersome and frustrating. Mesmerized by her situation, Thembisilie concluded by saying “Life Is Hard”

She wrote: Turning 32 next month, no house, no car, no husband, no kids. Just me The kicker in this is I never prepared for this age. I thought I’d be dead by now. Here I am still trying to navigate things I should’ve done in my 20s. Life is hard.

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This view by Thembisile has triggered a lot of comments from many middle-aged folks who are going through similar predicament.

They also shared their individual experiences below:



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