In Accra, Dating Is Pricier Than Rents – Criss Waddle Subtly Clarifies The ‘papa no” Conundrum

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In Accra, Dating Is Pricier Than Rents - Criss Waddle Subtly Clarifies The 'papa no" Conundrum

CEO of Arab Money Gang (AMG) Business believes with the recent happenings in Accra and how ladies are boasting about what they have acquired out of dating men, Criss Waddle believes it is more expensive dating than paying rents.

He shared this rather unpopular opinion on Twitter to give a clear meaning to how ladies in Accra are capitalizing on amorous relationships to swindle or better still enrich their purses.

“My guy welcome to Accra,where relationship Dey cost pass Rent,” he said.

Some of the comments he received under the post agree strongly with his point and cited several instances where men are made de facto parents immediately after they have expressed interest in a lady.

The lady’s rent, clothing, food and virtually every other thing becomes the responsibility of this innocent man who is trying to build a relationship. To conclude, Criss Waddle wants to remind you, especially if you are a man in Accra to brace yourself up for massive surprises if you want to date.

The reason why his post gives further proof to the ‘papa no’ conundrum which many are still finding a clear-cut way to unravel is that it gives credence to all the aspersions, tantrums and sayings of Tracey Boakye who said emphatically that she has used what she has to get all that she ever wanted.

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