Sunday, November 29, 2020

‘In Africa, We Marry To Have Children, Not For Love’- Senator Utazi

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Senator of Enugu north, Chukwuka Utazi has made an interesting comment that will forever echo within the four walls of social media and beyond.

According to the lawmaker, Africans don’t marry because of love but because of procreation. Utazi disclosed this while sharing his opinion on a bill seeking to prevent, control and manage sickle cell anaemia in the country.

Utazi seemed upset that people cannot marry because of blood group and spoke passionately about it while making his contribution on the floor.

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“This bill is taking me down the memory lane because I’m an AS carrier and when I was about getting married, several years ago, I moved into this orbit and I know what I went through because I was in love. I knew the trauma. After that incident, for five years I didn’t come out of it,” he said.

“So I am speaking from experience and I know how it pains that you have made a choice and you discover that the choice can’t work. Because in Africa, we marry for children, we don’t marry for love.”

At this point, Senate President Ahmad Lawan interrupted, saying: “Senator Chukwuka Utazi, I think you should be speaking for yourself.”

Continuing, Utazi said: “In the developed world, particulars of a child’s blood group is given at birth. “A test is done to show the blood group, the genotype before leaving. In the birth certificate of the child, all those things are put in place.

“We should not be waiting for when people want to go and marry, that is when they will start checking their genotype and their blood group, it shouldn’t be”, he concluded.

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