How To Increase Your Business Sales With Facebook & Instagram Advertising

One of the many ways for businesses to grow is to advertise. It is through advertising, that people can get to know about the existence of a product or a service. If you are doing business and you are not advertising, then you would probably not be making enough sales or revenue.

But then how can people advertise when they feel advertising is expensive? There are several forms of advertisements, the popular ones been the traditional advertising which is mainly Radio, Tv, Newspapers and Bill boards.

How can a small business like yours advertise on TV when the rate for advertising on TV is even 10x bigger than the capital of this small business? So most often a time, these small business are unable to advertise and they are unable to grow and expand as new customers hardly come in.

With the emergence of the internet and Social media, now every business can advertise even if they have a very small budget. Social media giant, Facebook has even made advertising much cheaper and affordable for every one and irrespective of your budget, you can at least advertise to get new customers and increase your revenue.

What Is Facebook & Instagram Advertising?

We all know Facebook is the biggest Social media platform now and they are also the owners of Instagram. There are millions of people logging into Facebook every single day to post photos, react to people’s post, communicate and do a whole lot.

With all of these millions of people in one place, the social network giants gives businesses the opportunity to sell their products or services to them.

Think of it this way. You own a boutique and sell beautiful clothes but you are located at Dansoman. The only way people get to know of your boutique business is when they pass by and they are attracted by what they see, then they come in and buy something. If you are lucky and they like what you have, they may come next time and probably refer you to a friend. You would probably call some few friends or send them messages to let them know you have new dresses.

Sometimes you can be a nuisance posting about your new clothes in WhatsApp groups, tagging all sort of people in it.—You are doing all of that because you are trying to advertise what you have but that’s not enough and although you will make some money, you might not really make what you should be making.

Now with Facebook & Instagram advertising, you can just sit at home, create a Facebook page for your business, get yourself a Visa card and advertise to these millions of people on Facebook. 

You control how much to spend and when to spend. You get to see the number of people seeing your adverts and how they are reacting to it, then you can make adjustments where necessary.

Depending on your budget and objective, you can target everyone in Ghana or just people in places like Accra, Kumasi or set a radius of distance. You can even target people in Nigeria, USA, Japan or any part of the world.

That’s the power of Social media advertising. With TV adverts, you can’t do that. If a certain TV station is not popular in a certain region, you may not be able to target the people there. And with radio and TV adverts, it’s difficult to track people’s reactions, or get feedback and you won’t even get to know the exact number of people who watched your advert or heard it on radio.

And your small business may not even have that big budget for a radio, tv or billboard advert.

How Do I get My Business To Make More Money?

The beauty about Facebook and Instagram advertising is that, with as little as $1 which is about Ghc4 a day, you can advertise your business to the world. Don’t limit your business to where it is located or where you are just based. Use Social media to reach out to more and more people who are looking for your products but they don’t know where you are based.

Interestingly, when you decide to run an advert on Facebook or Instagram, they give you a threshold of $25 which is about 100ghc. What this means is that, until you spend up to $25, they won’t deduct money from your account.

So you can start advertising even when you don’t really have money—Yeah, it’s real. When you connect your card, they would only deduct between Ghc2-4ghc to see if the card is valid and then you can start running your campaign. 

You can decide to spend the first $25 on a week’s campaign to market your product or service, then after you pay and increase it gradually.

You Want More? 

Writing about Facebook Advertising can take me a month to finish and I don’t want you to get bored reading this long post. So here’s what we are going to do. I want you to call me if you have questions and I would answer them for FREE for you.

I have been a blogger for the past 3 years and I have helped lots of people to advertise on Facebook & Instagram. They couldn’t believe the results and how much they were making.

I have lots of success stories I can share with you but will save it for another time or when you call to ask about it.

Whether, you are selling clothes, bank, shoes, human hair, or rendering any form of service, you can use Social media advertising to boost your sales.

Sometimes, people make mistakes with advertising. We might have to look at your branding because people would want to buy from a great brand, they can brag with.

There are some people to who have difficulty in understanding some of these technicalities, that’s why I am here for you.

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