Incredible: Meet Danijela Kovaceni, Woman Who Has Been In Coma For 7-Years And Finally Wakes Up To Meet Daughter For The First Time

Wonders they say shall never end. A woman from Serbia called Danijela Kovaceni has shocked doctors after waking up from a seven year coma. According to report the woman went into coma following a traumatic labour in 2009.

The 25-year old woman contracted what is known in medical terms as sepsis while giving birth to her daughter Marija and was left in vegetative state.

We are just wondering what it would have been like if the same scenario has happened in Ghana. Just few days a young Ghanaian actress, Maame Esi Forson narrated her horrifying account of how a whole professional doctor has pronounced her dead when she was rushed to the hospital after she had an accident.

Even when she woke up from her ‘death’ the incorrigible doctor had requested she go back to her ‘dead state’, even denying her the opportunity of meeting up with her family members.

In Danijela’s case the doctors were patient and though they thought medically there was nothing they could they didn’t hurriedly put her in the morgue. The doctors admittedly said they have never seen anyone survive after being unconscious for that long but hoped ‘something could turn up.

Danijela’s excited father Djordje Kovacevic spoke about how his daughter was now able to hold a tablet and pen.

‘These are minor recoveries, but Danijela is much better that before. She has put on weight; she is more aware and more alive. She reacts, smiles and also gets angry,’ he said.

 ‘That is because you are teaching a kid to do certain things. She had very hard trainings. She walked 800 metres and that is a big achievement.’

Meanwhile her family are trying to raise money for her to continue her rehabilitation in Pforzheim, Germany but needs 50,000 Euros (£43,000) for the treatment to continue.

We just hope they will be able to get the money because God knows why she brought her back.


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